it all started when…

I was feeling completely fed up with being a high school teacher.

I made some great friends through my experience as a teacher, and it was the partner of one of these friends who encouraged me to ‘give it a shot’. I had zero industry experience but a thirst (pun intended) for more knowledge about wine. My working life in the wine industry started not too far from home, in Coonawarra.

I was so fortunate to have a plethora of people willing to let me ask all the questions and discover more and more about the ‘sauce’ that really excited me. A lot of my role models and people I admired, happened to be women.

After several years I moved on to the Adelaide Hills, a cooler climate, new wines and more to learn. It was here I began my formal wine education through the completion of WSET 2. Well, what can I say, the floodgates opened and I had more questions and my hunger for knowledge only grew. I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of a Women in Wine scholarship that allowed me to pursue my qualifications further, and I was able to complete WSET 3.

Then came Melbourne! Working as a wine broker, allowed me to taste a huge range of wines from all over the world and also develop the skill of picking up what makes people tick about wine.

While living abroad in 17/18 I decided I wanted to ‘pass it on’ and share some of the knowledge about wines. I held my first wine workshop as The Sauce, and loved every minute. So here I am, sharing it with you.


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